Calibrate your profitabilities

The VIGIA calibrator is a system that maintains constant
and automatically the default pressure of tires.


  • More durability. Driving with tires calibrated, increases more than 20% of the tires life.
  • Security. A correct tire calibration decreases accidents risks by punctures.
  • Punctuality. The system solves a puncture in the middle of the road with no need to stop the march.
  • Casing protection.t allows more retread of tires.
  • More than 3% of fuel economy.
  • Efficiency. Once the pressure to be used is determined according to the parameters recommended by the manufacturer, the electronic system detects any air loss and it automatically recovers and maintains the default pressure.
  • Quality air. The air sent by VIGIA to the tires comes from an auxiliary tank. The impurities are absorbed by air filters.
  • Unique with double security system. In case of an extreme air loss, a special device cancels the infl ation process, securing the normal functioning of brakes and suspension.

The VIGIA tire calibrator is a system that constantly and automatically maintains the predetermined tire pressure. At any pressure drop, even in the case of a puncture, VIGIA warns the driver and automatically activates the inflation process. The benefits of having this system is not only related to safety, but also reflected in the profitability.


VIGIA NM 247 Ideal for trailers. Internal and autonomous system with air booster. The VIGIA NM 247 tire calibrator is a revolutionary equipment that together with the NM 248 create the perfect system to protect completely and autonomously the tires of trailers and semitrailers. It does not need electricity. So it should not be connected to ABS or EBS modules with the hazardousness that this entitles. The equipment controls the tires and warns the driver through leds the about severity of the defect. Thanks to its revolutionary system, the equipment is able to supply itself to make its valves work and to transmit the power needed for the leds. With this high technology, we have developed the perfect equipment for your vehicle. 100% control on you tires, 100% secure.

VIGIA NM 343 It has an innovative, more compact and of easy reading design. Its electronic sensors of high accuracy are far more accurate than any other product of the market.

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